Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fitness Attire

You have made the right choice when you decided to start an exercise program. That will carry you a long way toward good health. Its a great beginning, because you will have all the rewards from exercising. There are two things you should have before starting your fitness program: They are, proper attire and the right kind of fitness shoes.

Proper attire means to dress appropiately for the occasion. In this case it means to dress the correct way for fitness. Wearing the right clothes for fitness is very important. You don't have to wear expensive clothing, unless that is your choice. Just remember to wear clothing that is comfortable, like whites or light colors. Cool colored clothing is best, especially in the hot weather.

Its best to wear fabrics that can breathe, like tee shirts, shorts, or jogging pants. Whatever outfit you choose to wear, make sure your attire is not tight. Tight clothing is very uncomfortable, and makes for a tedious workout. On the other hand, loose fitting clothing helps you to move more easily, and that makes for a very enjoyable workout.

For your shoes, the best workout shoes offer support, balance and shock absorbtion. Support provides cushioning for almost every kind of workout activity. Balance in a fitness shoe has stability, and shock absorbtion helps  the ball and heel of the foot.  For whatever shoe you wear, remember its very important that your shoes support your feet.

If it is hot and humid where you are, don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. Learn more about dressing appropiately for fitness, visit

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