Monday, August 2, 2010

Facts About Fitness

Fitness is getting your life, mind, body and soul in better condition. By eating the right kinds of foods and exercise, is an excellent beginning. Aerobic exercise helps your body tolerate any activity you might want to do. It helps your heart, blood vessels, and lungs work more better. Aerobic exercises are those in which your muscles use oxygen to function. It also make you breathe faster, sweat, and feel your heart pound.

If you know what you want out of exercising, and you are interested in aerobics, that can keep you motivated. Your workout should include three steps:

  • Five minutes of warm-ups
  • Twenty minutes of exercising
  • Five minutes to cool down
Some people may ask, why warm-ups? Warm-ups exercising is very important for any fitness program. Even if you are not in a fitness program, and you are maybe doing exercising on your own, it is still a good
 ideal to do warm-ups. The importance of warm-up routines should not be underestimated. especially when it comes to prevention of injury. Warm-ups main purpose is to prepare your body for activity or exercise.

One of the ways your body and mind accomplish this is by increasing the body's temperature. Also, increasing the body's muscle temperature, it helps to make the muscles loose and supple. Now you are ready for your routine. After your twenty minutes of workouts, it is now time for cool downs. What is cool downs? Cool downs is returning your body back to its normal state. Cool downs after exercising is just as important as warm-ups are before exercising. It reduces the risk of injury to your body.

Cooling down helps the heart rate and breathing to return to normal. It also helps to prevent dizziness and unnecessary pain. You are probably hungry right now from all that activity. It is now time to re-fuel your body with nutrition. It is just as important to eat before and after exercise so your body want be lacking in nourishment Water, minerals, and carbohydrates are all needed. If you would like to learn more about fitness please visit

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