Sunday, July 18, 2010

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Eating a  healthy diet and exercising go hand in hand. Its better in the long run, even if you are on the go all of the time. Foods rich with vitamins and minerals, help to keep your body properly nurise. When planning meals, keep in mind the right types of foods you should be eating and the right amount, this will help you to stay on a balance diet. Whole grain foods give you the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy. The fiber in whole grains makes you feel full so there is less chance of you getting hungry too soon. Also it helps your food digest more easier.

Some foods that have fiber are breads, fruits, and vegetables. Fiber helps to fight disease, lowers your blood pressure, and improves your mood. Oatmeal is a grain food, it may help to reduce cholesterol.. The soluble fiber in oatmeal slows down the disgestion of starch, so it may help diabectics, because you aviod the rise in blood sugar levels. Oatmeal has many nutrients, such as vitamin c, xinc, selenium, copper, iron and magnesium.

There are lots of advantages to eating the right kinds of foods and exercising, one is you will become more healthier, more energetic, and you will be able to sleep better. Sometimes its hard to stay on a diet thats good for you, but if you start slowly changing the way you eat, you will be able to eat more of the foods that are good for you.

Note: We are having lots of hot humid weather here in Arkansas, don't forget to stay hydrated, that way you want feel faint after activities. If you will like to learn more about healthy eating and exercise visit this site:

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